About Us

Following a hack and malware infection, the SJJP website is being rebuilt, and will soon have information about our recent meeting and our plans for the future. For the moment, here is a description of our group:

We are a group of Jews, with supporters in all parts of Scotland, who are opposed to Israeli policies that undermine the livelihoods, human, civil and political rights of the Palestinian people and the ethical and political welfare of the Jewish people.

We want Jewish opinions critical of Israeli policy to be heard in Scotland, and for the Scottish Jewish community to realise that protest against Israeli policies is real and growing within the community.

We are working to develop our contacts with and support for Palestinian people trapped in the spiral of violence and repression, and Israeli groups working with them. We seek to work with other organisations on specific issues without necessarily endorsing everything they do.

We do not have an official line on issues beyond general support for the principles above and support for the right of Israelis to live in freedom and security within Israel’s 1967 borders. There are many different opinions within the group, and people find the level and kind of activity which makes most sense to them. Our statement defines the issues on which we have agreed to campaign.


Contact us at admin@sjjp.org.uk